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Letra con filo

Statement of the Network of Intellectual, Artists and Social Movement, In Defense of Humanity for Peace in Colombia

By  Red en Defensa de la Humanidad
En Defensa de la Humanidad

We call on all intellectuals, artists and social movements of Our America and of the world to accompany in a decided way this peace process that the people of Colombia desire. We believe that at the same time this process will contribute to stopping the aggressions from foreign powers on Latin American territory and shall constitute an exemplary model to follow as an important step in building a world of peace with justice.

Paz Colombia
  • bandera cubana

    Cuba, a country both wished for and possible

    By  Luis Toledo Sande
    Cubadebate  25.08.2016

    With the triumph of the revolution in 1959, Cuba obtained independence and sovereignty. If they’ve really existed since then and not just as a goal, their preservation remains as a challenge.

  • Relaciones Cuba- EUA

    Cuba and the United States

    By  Graziella Pogolotti Jacobson
    Juventud Rebelde  20.04.2016

    Our strength does not lie on the permanent need of expansion, but on the capacity of resistance and getting over upon the basis of a prolonged cultural accumulation. Peace is our raison d’être, supported in a system of values and symbolic representations.

  • Memorial José Martí. Plaza de la Revolución. Habana. Cuba.

    Jose Marti Grows Worldwide

    By  CUBARTE  02.03.2016

    On the 2nd International Conference Con todos y para el bien de todos, called by the Oficina del Programa Martiano, under the auspices of the Centro de Estudios Martianos and Sociedad Cultural José Martí, and with UNESCO’s support, that took place in Havana from January 25 to 28.

  • Andrés Castillo Bernal

    Andrés Castillo, Historian

    By  Pedro Pablo Rodríguez
    CUBARTE  13.02.2016

    Less than two months after his death on January 5, I not only want to remember the friend of sincere smile, always loyal to the Cuban Revolution, but to briefly refer to the time he was studying history as a profession.

  • The Moncada amnesty, 60th Anniversary

    The Moncada amnesty. 60th Anniversary

    By  Mario Mencía Cobas
    CUBARTE  04.07.2015

    On, May 15th of 1985, Fidel Castro and 29 of his companions, all participants in the events of July, 26 1953, were set free from the National Prison for Men in the Isla de los Pinos