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Adrian Rumbaut exhibits his work at Villa Manuela

By Julio Martínez Molina
Source Perlavisión 12.10.2016

Adrian Rumbaut
Adrian Rumbaut exhibits his work at Villa Manuela

The well-known artist Adrian Rumbaut exhibits his personal exhibition "Peldaños" at Villa Manuela Gallery, from National UNEAC, which combines the pictorial exercise undertaken throughout the year and a half, according to the information released by the vice president of the Association of Plastic Arts from the Provincial Committee of the main intellectual organization of the country.

The sample is integrated series like "Símbolos", "Soportes", and "Peldaños"; as well as "Portadas: impresiones agrupadas en un espacio único."

According to art criticist Magalys Espinosa "Adrian Rumbaut uses circumstances that expand the paint and focus to the object as a carrier to show a new look, for he undertakes a prior preparation procedure that will make the physical support to turn into an important element as image itself (...)".

Regarding this sample -a poster related to the sample is exhibited at this important art gallery from September 9th and until late October -, Nathalie Sanchez Mesa, cultural journalist from Tribuna de La Habana, considered that in"Peldaños" the overlapping elements, textures and reliefs expand the conception of paintings, to project us closer to the sculptural proposal from the attractive combination of canvas, wood and metal. "

Rumbaut is one of the most active visual artists of the province, whose samples are procured with both eagerness for Cuban critics and from abroad.

Translated by: Osmany Ortiz González (Azurina)

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