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Cuba Widely Represented in French L'Humanité Festival

Source Prensa Latina 09.09.2016

Cartel del Festival de la Humanidad en Francia 2016
Cartel del Festival de la Humanidad en Francia 2016

 Cuban ambassador to France, Hector Igarza, informed that the Caribbean nation will have a very wide presence at the Feast of L'Humanité, one of the main political and cultural events of this European nation.

As part of the gathering to start Friday and end next Sunday, several activities will be dedicated to show Cuban reality from different perspectives like the economy, culture, tourism and others.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the diplomat highlighted that for the first time Cuba will be present in the space Collectivities, dedicated to the presentation of business opportunities and investment.

According to Igarza, the Cuban delegation will focus on promoting investment opportunities, specially in the sector of tourism.

'It is an important space and we will be there for the first time', emphasized the ambassador, who added the venue will have the presence of the Secretary of State orf France, in charge of Foreign Trade and the Promotion of Tourism, Matthias Fekl.

Another important moment will be the panel Culture and Revolution, organized by the association of solidarity Cuba Cooperation, with the attendance of deputies Mariela Castro and Jorge Gomez, as Juan Valdes, of the International Relations Department of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party.

There will also be an Economic Forum attended by the personal envoy of the President of France for Latin America, Jean-Pierre Bel; the deputy and president of the Parliamentary Group France-Cuba Friendship, Andres Chassaigne and painter Ernest Pignon-Ernest.

As representative of the organization Cuba-Cooperation, its founding president Roger Grevoul will be present, as well as its present president, Victor Fernandez.

A moment of special relevance will be the inauguration of the Coordinator for the Elimination of the Blockade and the devolution of Guantanamo, initiative aiming to group numerous French organizations that support Havana in these battles, explained the ambassador.

He added that during the days of the La´Humanité Festival there will be many other activities organized by associations such as France-Cuba, Cuba Si-France, among others, to guarantee an active presence of the Caribbean island.

That event is one of the main political-cultural events in France, started in 1930 and takes place each year on the second September weekend, while the average attendance is about 600 thousand visitors each year.

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