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Cuban Cinema around the world

Source Cubacine 04.04.2015

Cuban film Conducta

The multi-awarded Cuban film Conducta (2014), by Ernesto Daranas, continues its tour to first level contests with its participation at the Latin Festival of Vienna and Salzburg that will take place in May, as reported by the Cuban Ambassador in Austria, Juan Carlos Marsan.

On the other hand, Susana Molina, vice president of the Cuban Film Insitute (ICAIC), stressed the importance of the movie by saying: “Conducta has placed Cuban film again within the most significant international spaces, and it has been widely welcomed by our audience”.

Marsan added the movie will be later shown, from May 18, in Austria, thanks to TRIGON FILM and POLYFILM.

Translation: Roxana Marquez Herrera (Cubarte)


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