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Dancing with Margot

Source Cubacine 05.03.2015

Bailando con Margot
Bailando con Margot film.

Bailando con Margot (Dancing with Margot), the first feature film by filmmaker Arturo Santana, is in its editing stage now.

The movie, considered a black film or film noir, tells the story of Rafa, a private detective who, from his deathbed, recalls the case he had to investigate the last day of 1958, dealing with the stealing of a painting at the Havana mansion of Margot Zarate, a wealthy widow. This allowed him to discover the past life of the owners and all those who surrounded them, as well as their lovers, heartaches, nostalgia, betrayals, and vices…

“We hope to have the cut finished to send it to the post-production unit. By late March, it will be in progress; we mean post-production of image and sound in general. It will last about five months, since it is a hard work because of special effects, music, conceiving the atmospheres of all ages, color correction, etc.”, said its director in an interview to Cubacine.

Among its actors are the outstanding Mirtha Ibarra, experienced Erdwin Fernández, the young Yenisei Soria and Nius Ventura Bring, and actor/director Rolando Chiong.

Bailando con Margot has been a very complex film for being a gone-by age film. “Its production is like running a marathon at the Sahara desert”, confessed Santana once.

None withstanding, its director said to our website he feels comfortable with what he has seen so far at the editing table: “The movie lends itself for easy editing, and all the intentions we have had since its staging are flowing. This, undoubtedly, makes me be quiet”.

Translation: Roxana Marquez Herrera (Cubarte)

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