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El Salvador: Presidential Support for La Colmenita Praised

Source PL 24.10.2016

Colmentia Salvador
El Salvador: Presidential Support for La Colmenita Praised

San Salvador- The director and founder of the Cuban theater group La Colmenita, Carlos Alberto Cremata, has praised President Salvador Sanchez Ceren for the support he has offered to the theater group in El Salvador.

Carlos Alberto Cremata noted that in only one year the children in the theater group were able to prepare their own Children Theatre Festival 'Festi 2016', which will conclude on October 30th.

Cesar Pineda, the director of the Houses of Culture, highlighted that this project is included in the Five Year Development Plan, which aims to promote culture as a right and culture as an identity factor for cohesion and social transformation.

According to Cesar Pineda, the President is convinced that children and youth are the driving force of any society.

President of El Salvador, Salvador Sánchez Ceren, participated today in the opening ceremony on October 20th of the Festi 2016 at the National Theater, the first festival of its kind which will travel to other departments in the country.

On January 28th, 2016, La Colmenita El Salvador debuted with the play 'Cockroach Martina Calls for Coexistence and Peace'. Cuban and Salvadoran children played different roles, sang, and spread joy and art at the National Theatre. President Sanchez Ceren attended the play.

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