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Havana Theater Exhibits Ballet Photos

Source PL 25.10.2016

ballet foto
Havana Theater Exhibits Ballet Photos

Havana- Images reminiscent of paintings by French painter Edgar Degas on ballet are decorating the lobby of the National Theatre as part of the exhibition ''Tras Bambalinas'' (Behind the Scene), by Leysis Quesada.

This photographic documentary series about the choreography 'La Sylphide' is one of the open exhibitions being held prior to the Alicia Alonso International Ballet Festival in Havana.

The author told Prensa Latina that rather than a staging, she was interested in capturing a gesture, perhaps a more sensual and intimate moment, as when the dancers are fixing the shoes.

I wanted to capture a more natural picture ... also to take professional photos of the performances, we must have some knowledge of ballet and all should be very perfect in the performance.

With her snapshots, the photographer explores and discovers hidden areas to the spectator, as what happened behind the scenes in a theater.

This is the first time I do an exhibition dedicated to dance, I joined this world because my daughter began to study ballet, so my relationship with the academy and then with the National Ballet of Cuba began, Quesada said.

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